Hey, everyone!


My name is Chandler R. Williamson, I just published my first novel, The Holiday Spirit on Amazon, but am planning to re-publish it at the beginning of July with a few other surprises.  You can buy my book currently on Amazon, but I’m planning on making a few changes to the existing story that will be in the new version.


Backstory time!

I grew up in a town near Ogden, UT, called South Weber with my parents and three older brothers who homeschooled with me.  I always wrote mini stories and my family teases me by saying I’ve had a pencil in my hand since the womb.  When I was twelve, I started writing my first real story, The Island Stowaways, which may or may not become a legitimate novel I publish later on.  It was basically just a bunch of random ideas crammed into one long story.  I never did finish it.  Like I said, may or may not come to a conclusion (finally) later on.

My second book and the one that really made me realize how much I wanted to be a writer, was called Beyond My Words.  I came up with the idea as a thirteen-year-old girl while sitting in my bed, drawing a picture of random characters.  I was listening to the song “Unwritten,” by Natasha Bedingfield when I came up with the idea of a teenage girl who writes a story that comes to life.  My brain latched onto the idea and started processing the kind of things that could happen if that really happened.  I came to the conclusion, being a romance/fantasy lover, that she would write a story about a prince who is cursed to become a dragon every moonlit night and she has to find a way to break the curse on him that she’s created, or he could die.

Pretty intense stuff.

Thus, Beyond My Words and about ten years of obsession began!  I fell in love with writing stories so much that, when I was sixteen, my mom signed me up to a teen writing critique group that became some of the best people I know.  I spent every free minute I could staring at words on a computer screen, indulging myself in pouring over my story.

I came up with the concept of  The Holiday Spirit when I was about fourteen.  I had a dream that had pretty much absolutely nothing to do with how the story ended up turning out.  The only thing I remember from the dream was something about a magic carpet . . . No magic carpets in The Holiday Spirit now, unfortunately.  But I wrote it every Christmas every year after that until 2018 when I realized I could write it outside the holiday season.  Now, my book is out in the world for anyone who’s interested to read.


Away from my writing career, I married my wonderful husband, Ryan, August 16th, 2017, in the Provo City Center Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We met three times at an LDS Institute of Religion before I remembered him.  He first noticed me through a mutual friend when I wore a shirt with a penguin on it.  We have a ridiculous obsession with penguins and both of us have been collecting penguin stuffed animals, so that’s why I mentioned it in my “About Me” section on the back of my book.  Like I said, we met three times before I remembered who he was.

I love Disney movies and have made a habit of collecting Disney Princess dolls and customizing them by repainting their faces and touching up their clothing and things like that.  I’ve done the same thing to create dolls resembling characters from my stories.  Pictures of these will be dominant on this website.

I’ve been drawing since I was two.  Most of my pictures are of characters from my novels, which will be posted in the future on this website too.

Taylor Swift is my main source of inspiration, especially for writing, drawing, and my music.  I also really enjoy artists such as Parachute, Chris Daughtry, One Direction, and Andy Grammer.

I taught myself to play the guitar, (twelve string and six string) and piano, mostly.  I can play instruments like ukelele and flute, but it’s not nearly as extensive.

I also love archery, which will be evident in my next book to be released in 2019.


I’m going to be releasing a new blog every Wednesday, so make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Sign up to my newsletter to be emailed about my latest activity.  Comment below and let me know what kind of things you’d like to see in my next blog.  (Ex. drawings of characters, videos of me playing the guitar or reading excerpts from my upcoming books, Barbie dolls of either my characters or Disney, etc.)


Thanks for reading!


Chandler R. Williamson

Published by Chandler R. Williamson

Chandler R. Williamson grew up near Ogden, UT with her parents and three older brothers who home-schooled with her. She started writing at the age of twelve and has written several works since. Now, she lives with her husband, two cats, and lots of stuffed penguins.

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