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Hey, everyone!



The Holiday Spirit is still a work in progress.  It has been officially removed from Amazon, apparently, but that’s probably for the best.  The more I look over it, the more I notice issues.  I got a text the other day from a good friend of mine saying she ordered it, but it was canceled on account of being out of print.  I felt so bad, but I’d rather that happen than have more issues pointed out . . . Hehe.

It’s true, The Holiday Spirit is now out of print.  But it’s going to be re-released soon, I promise!  Stay tuned for #ChristmasInJuly!!


So, big news coming soon!

My next project has officially begun and is coming along very well!  A lot of you probably already know what story I’m writing next, but here’s a picture I drew about four years ago as well as pictures of two of my characters.



*Photos of real people are not mine, but ones I found online of the most accurate depictions of my characters I could find.


I’ve been drawing pictures of these characters since I was thirteen.  Until recently, however, I feel like I’m just barely getting to know them for who they really are.  I’m starting to understand their individual personalities and roles in my book for the first time.  Amazingly enough, they’re just now starting to make sense together.  I’ve been writing this story religiously for almost ten years now, but I’m just starting to piece it all together.


Their story has been destined to turn out the way it does now since the beginning.  Which leads me to believe that maybe they’ve been trying to tell me for ten years.  Maybe I just wasn’t listening to my own precious characters.

Published by Chandler R. Williamson

Chandler R. Williamson grew up near Ogden, UT with her parents and three older brothers who home-schooled with her. She started writing at the age of twelve and has written several works since. Now, she lives with her husband, two cats, and lots of stuffed penguins.

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