Big Announcement!

Hey, guys!  I am so sorry I haven’t posted lately!!  My life has been consumed by writing the past couple of weeks and I haven’t found a moment to do my blog . . . Or much else, for that matter.   Plus, I’ve been a little sick.  Needless to say, my social life has suffered immensely.

I’m doing it now though!


Quick update before I begin.  The Holiday Spirit is still in editing, just waiting to hear back on that.  Beyond My Words has finished the writing stages!  I’m just giving it a final once-over before sending it to the beta readers.  Which means, it’s Convicted: 25 to Life’s turn for the spotlight!  🤣🤣🤣🤣 (😲😲😲😲)

I’m positively terrified to write this book, guys.  It’s so vastly different from anything I’ve ever done before.  But I’m SOO EXCITED!  Not only is it crime and law fiction, it’s also written from two different points of view which could not be more different.  It has some of my favorite characters I’ve ever created in it as well as themes that are meant to make people think and feel as deeply as my characters do.  I don’t plan to sugarcoat anything and I’m gonna dig deep and pull on some heart strings.  😉💔

This is also the first time I’ve ever written from a male protagonist’s perspective, so I’m pretty excited!  But incredibly intimidated because he thinks pretty differently from me.


If you’ve read The Holiday Spirit and think it’ll be like that . . . Hehe.  Sorry.

I’m an artist and I pray to never make the same story twice.  That’s one of my biggest fears.

Convicted is the story of murder and the pain of being wrongfully accused and shunned as opposed to a Christmas Spirit striving to help someone believe in Christmas again and learning the beauty of empathy.  Its themes are much, much darker than The Holiday Spirit in a lot of ways.


Soo, I have some pretty big news, unless some of you have already figured out by my #ChristmasInJuly promo and subtle-not-so-subtle hints.  I’m going to try writing, editing, and self-publishing three different books by July of 2019.  I’m already more than halfway there with some time to spare.  My stories are developing a reputation for being enjoyable, fast reads that keep you turning the page.  That’s the majority of feedback I’ve gotten this far with The Holiday Spirit, especially.  (The hubby accidentally read four chapters in Beyond My Words the other day when he said he’d only read one.) 😇😈😁

My intent with this is to show people up front the range and styles of writing I’m capable of and establish, not only a more vast audience with three different genres, but my reputation as an author for being diverse and keeping people on their toes.

I’ll always write romance.  That’s a given.  A story isn’t compelling for me unless there’s human emotions to involved, especially when that emotion is romantic.  The three subgenres I’d like to stay in are mostly historical fiction, fantasy, and contemporary drama.  These three stories, I feel, show the best potential for demonstrating my talents in a diverse way since they’re all so different from each other.


The Holiday Spirit and Convicted: 25 to Life are stand alone books while Beyond My Words is going to be a trilogy with the potential for spin-offs or series in the future, depending on how well it does and how I feel after writing it for ten years and three books later.


I’m so excited to share this news with everyone and to update you on what I’ve been planning since December.  I really hope you’ll stick with me throughout this process and you’ll be just as excited to meet my characters as I am to introduce you to them!  They’re all so wonderfully unique and individual.  I love them so much and I hope you will too!

Just as a little sneak peek, here’s a picture of one of them that I drew.  Won’t tell you what story she’s from, though some might already know.  Enjoy!



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Love you all!

~ Chandler R. Williamson

Published by Chandler R. Williamson

Chandler R. Williamson grew up near Ogden, UT with her parents and three older brothers who home-schooled with her. She started writing at the age of twelve and has written several works since. Now, she lives with her husband, two cats, and lots of stuffed penguins.

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